Helly's Scrapbook!
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Leisure and Relaxation after class at SOBC (Aug-Dec 1997)

Some of my classmates at OBC, during a picnic behind Ring Hall:
(front) Leo Waugh, Zerline Danseco, me, Nathan Tennant
(back) Chris Churchill, Rob, Wanda Harris, Dee Williamson

Relaxing after class at the Bowling Alley.
(front) Dee, Wanda, Leo, me
(back) Jane Wei, Barbara Monk, Mike Parker, Miki, Pete Sanders

Nate, Jason Robey, Wanda and I ham it up on Karaoke Wednesday at the O-Club

Celebrating Jason's birthday
(front) Dee, me, Nate, Jason, Barbara
(back) Chris, Jane, Miki, Mike

Trish, Dee and Chris take what they have learned during rope-tying class and apply in a practical exercise: tie Joel Stein securely to a post. It worked!

Shots taken during our Class Dining Out; Thursday, Dec. 11, 1997

My squad-mates throughout OBC:
Pat, Rod, Scott, Dave, JoAnna, Matt, CPT Bachand, Tami, Fred, Barbara, Keith and me

Robyn, Dee, Leo, me, Beth

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